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Cyber security: keeping your leaders informed


Cyber Security can sometimes feel like a confusing issue. In this session, the Charity Team at the National Cyber Security Centre (a part of GCHQ) will explain how non-technical leaders can understand the risks they face and how to get assurance they are being mitigated effectively.

Using personalisation in the GDPR age

Victoria Carver, AdGreetz

Speak to your supporters as unique individuals, they deserve it and will definitely soon expect it! How to use data intelligently and creatively to engage your supporters in a more meaningful way, without falling between the cracks of GDPR!

Demystifying data: using analytics to drive social impact

Suzy East, DataKind

In this session, DataKind will break down data science and explain how it can benefit your organisation. She’ll explore the different stages of organisational data maturity, with examples of how charities have used data to understand their users and improve operational efficiency. Bring along your data questions and problems!

Facebook and Instagram best practice for small charities

Anish Kumar Hallan, Facebook/Instagram

An introduction to getting the most out of Facebook and Instagram for smaller charities, along with practical tips for launching and managing winning social media campaigns on Facebook's social media platforms.

Getting started with data visualisation

Katy Murray, NPC

Charities are increasingly keen to use data visualisation to communicate quickly and creatively with different audiences. But data visualisation can vary from the simple to the complex. And while infographics and interactive charts are everywhere, they take time and resources to produce. This session will go back to basics, looking at the principles of data visualisation. It will walk through some useful ways of structuring your approach, and signpost tools to help.

Driving efficiency and income with Dynamics 365

Tory Cassie and Mandeep Padan, M-Hance

Dynamics 365 provides cloud-based solutions to enable you to seamlessly manage all of your marketing and fundraising activities, volunteers, financials, reporting and more. Microsoft Gold partner m-hance will showcase some of this exciting functionality and demonstrate how its NfP 365 suite of products can help you reach your charity’s goals.

Leveraging digital to unlock charities’ talent potential

Stuart Hearn, Clear Review

A lot of HR and talent management processes are stuck in the past – built around complicated, annualised processes supported by clunky tech. Clear Review’s founder & CEO, Stuart Hearn, explores the recent explosion in ‘consumer-grade’ talent technology and the value it’s already delivering to charities.

How to recruit digital natives

Tristan Shirley, Prospectus

Digital natives can offer a huge wealth of knowledge for charities lacking in specific digital skills. How do you reach them? How do you keep their attention? How do you convert them to your mission and cause? Join this session to find out.

How the right website design can level the playing field

Harry Hurd, Clear Honest Design

With digital design everyone has the same tools and the same canvas, just because a business or charity has a much bigger budget doesn't mean they should be more effective. Knowing the basics of good digital design and user experience is half the battle, and the next step becomes far easier.

What charities can learn from startups

Jo Kerr

Jo Kerr has worked for charities like Breast Cancer Care and Girlguiding UK, as well as startups, incubators and social enterprises. In this session, she’ll run through the best aspects of the commercial world and how they could improve charity operations.

Cloud migration 101: pitfalls and lessons

Kate White and Colin Cregan, Superhighways

Superhighways help small charities to get systems up and running, and have helped several make the move away from legacy, on-premises systems to the cloud. In this session, Kate will give practical advice on making the move to Office 365 as smoothly as possible, sharing experiences and learnings from past migrations.

Beyond fundraising: using Salesforce to track impact and manage program and grant portfolios

Zak Kaufman, Vera Solutions

Many charities rely on documents, spreadsheets, or custom-built tools to track impact. Transitioning portfolio management to Salesforce enables organisations to take their impact to the next level - streamlining performance reporting, visualising progress against targets, collaborating with stakeholders, and integrating seamlessly with Salesforce CRM and fundraising tools.

The future of tech for disability equality

Kristina Barrick, Scope and David Smith, Global Futures and Foresight

Technology has the capacity to break down barriers disabled people face, but also to build new ones. Scope will be looking at emerging and future technologies that could be disruptive in the way we live our lives, and what the implications might be if disabled people are left out as a core consumer group of this technology, which happens only too often.

Protect and implement your brand in the digital age

Marcel van den Boogaard and Stuart Cripps-Schnoor, Brand iQ

How can the right brand management strategy and platform help you protect, implement and drive consistency for your brand both internally and externally? In this session, Stuart and Marcel will explore challenges faced by organisations such as Crisis, NCT and The Scout Association and how the right solution can empower your staff and save you valuable time, budget and resource.

Data capture for smarter mission delivery

Kate White and Sorrel Parsons, Superhighways

Smart data capture can make a huge difference to how effectively charities can deliver on their missions. This session will teach practical skills for charities working with a small budget or no budget at all, and will showcase a number of the best tools available to capture the data you need.

Introducing 21st Century technology to an established charity

Vince Gratrick, Mencap

Vince will share his extensive experience of introducing new technologies to established charities.This will cover both key benefits and pitfalls experienced in his roles leading the IT strategy and operational management of the IT department at both Mencap and United Response.

Breaking down barriers between campaign planning, web design and personalised supporter experiences

Haydn Thomas and Susie Perks, Lightful

Every fundraising and advocacy campaign is an opportunity to learn more about your audience and supporters and to apply this knowledge in real time. Lightful Labs will walk through the methods, tools and insights it has developed to help you optimise every campaign’s cost per acquisition and return on investment.

The keys to introducing impactful digital change

Panel discussion with; Paul Swift, Age UK, Audree Fletcher, Charity service executive coach and Duncan Brown, Shift Design

According to 2017’s Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index, 50% of charity leaders lack confidence in introducing digital change. Our panel of charity sector leaders discuss the key success factors in bringing digital change to your charity, and how to ensure that a digital transformation strategy is shrewd, sustainable and helps your staff and beneficiaries thrive.

Lessons learnt from behind the scenes with CRM and data

Paul McMullan, DataKind

Paul presents case studies of charities who have learnt from their CRM project failures, including pitfalls to avoid with data science and data organisation.

Email marketing: 2019 best practices

Elizabeth Carter, Tech Trust

What does an exceptional email marketing campaign look like today? How has it changed over the last few years? Elizabeth Carter has been working with numerous charities on their email marketing campaigns for more than 9 years, and will showcase some of the best examples of campaigns today.

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